Monday, March 28, 2011

3/21/2011 - 3/27/2011 (Week 1)

3/21/2011 - 3/27/2011


Time: 7:03
Miles: 44

I've been slacking with the elevation updates because of my Runkeeper GPS not being able to get signal. The clouds and wind in Reno were brutal last week.

Week 1

Last Monday was absolutely harsh. It started with a very simple run from the backside of school (Evans Rd) to 7th & McCarran. This is a run I've done many times that's very moderate on pavement (10 miles to be exact). The start of the run was fine other than the cold weather, but on the way back my left hip flexor was shooting a pain into my groin. This was no bueno. Day 1 and I was already hurting. Also, I felt extremely dehydrated which was probably from the two days of drinking the previous week. I was not feeling well and almost came home. The next day I didn't run because my hip flexor was hurting to even walk. Instead I went to Lombardi to row and ride the bike. When Wednesday came I went out for a light run and miraculously for some god given reason it felt better. I got in small trail run that morning in the snow then proceeded to blast my legs in the gym (which are still recovering). Yes, when I say "Blast" I mean it. Squats, lunges, dead lifts, leg press, calf raises, the whole nine yards. It was a productive workout breaking down the muscles I don't get to when running and a great sore followed if you know what I mean. Now...Thursday....(This gets its own paragraph)


This snow run with Tyler Curley was epic as f*ck. It started with a light lunch at MEN WELDING FIRE in Reno, which is delicious, and I strongly recommend it. The snow was coming down and I choose to go run instead of going to my last class of the week (great idea). Keep in mind that I couldn't even touch my toes because of the leg workout the day before, but I figured what's a better way to heal the legs than run and break up the dry blood and lactic acid build up. Heading out into Keystone Canyon there was nobody out there but us. The run was about getting some time in on our feet and simply enjoying the snow. We did just that. I found myself following Tyler's minimus tracks in the snow while seeing him in the distance in front of me. During the run I caught myself smiling, laughing, and even chuckling a bit. Running in the snow that day felt euphoric. Following Tyler's tracks made me feel like I was a kid again playing follow the leader. During the run we crossed over and through some cold creeks which left my feet numb for about a minute after. On the way out the run was smooth because the wind was at our backs, but on the way in the snow was hitting us in the eyes. It was hitting us so hard we had to stop a few times, re-group, and figure out where we were. When we finally made it back to car, the best part of the run was yet to come. Tyler had the most epic snow beard known to man. I've never seen anything like it. It took some time to thaw out in the car. Overall, it was the best run I've had to date this year. Thank You Tyler.

As the week went on I found myself spending more time on my feet getting a few solid trail runs in of about 1:30 - 2:-00 per run. They all felt good and strong. I have developed a few blisters on the bottom of my feet but thats no biggie. What I did find eye opening about this week was not drinking for over a week, hydrating properly, eating healthier, and getting ample amounts of rest have proved to me that this is what it takes to get in better shape. I need to keep this mindset and stay focused on the task at hand. The only things I plan on changing with what I'm doing now is getting stronger daily and working harder each week.

"The only easy day was yesterday." -USMC

Monday, March 21, 2011

3/14/2011 - 3/20/2011 (Spring Break)


3/14/2011 - 3/20/2011

Miles: 9.5
Time: 1:05

Took the majority of the week off to rest and plan out my training for the Auburn 50k. I still got in two small runs during the middle of the week to stretch out the legs. I'm amped up for the next 75 days of training I'll be putting myself through. The transition from what I now look at as a "girl race" compared to the 50k is going to be a lot different. Instead of worrying about how fast I can finish this race and running by people this is going to be a true test of my mental and physical endurance. I understand that in my training now I need to not worry about how fast I can get out 13.1 miles because that's not going to be the task at hand. My runs will now transition to slower longer runs because I need to condition my feet, joints, and legs to be able to hold "this guy" (with two thumbs pointing at me) up for multiple hours. I will be doing a lot more trail work and climbing hills because this is an ultra marathon on TRAIL. I also plan on pushing my core hard in the gym. It's going to vary from day to day as you can see on my training schedule that I put together below this post. It's going to vary from using my own body weight, plates, and kettle bells. Lastly, it may be hard at first, but I'm really going to try to focus on what I eat. I'm at 170 lbs. even right now and I would like to be around 155 lbs. for this race. It's going to take some discipline and desire. Vegetables, fruit, power bars, chicken breast, fish, brown rice, protein shakes, omega-3, b-12, water, and some form of unsweetened electrolytes (Right Tyler?).

I'm ready to step into this man realm of running and hard work.

Beast Mode

Spring Break

Ups & Downs... that's just about how I can describe my break. I'm not going into detail because I'm moving forward and not looking back. Things happen, but we live, learn, and grow. It's simple. By the way, I'm starting to get these feelings of wanting to be a "MAN". Yes, a "MAN". I can't quite put it into words yet, but I'm ready to be done with school and start making decisions that are going to impact my life and those who are involved in it. I'm ready to get the ball rolling.

Positives about Spring Break 11'

*Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (Mstrkft Remix) "Let me show you how I work" - TY C.
*Read Dean Karnazes 3rd Book RUN! (Awesome) Favorite Quote..."Someone once asked, why run a hundred miles? Because basketball and football only take one ball."
*Dance Gavin Dance "Downtown Battle Mountain II"
*Dad's Kitchen on Freeport (Dad's Burger, Garlic Fries, and a carnitas street taco)
*Shamrockin' Half Marathon
*Got to hang out with John Franks and get a little tour of the capital... quote of the month from John "Losing your credibility is a lot like losing your virginity; once its gone you can never have it back."
*The Hot Italian Pizza Place (BOMB)
*UFC Fights with the family
*Waka Flocka - Grove Street Party
*And most of all I got to spend good quality time with the family

****Things I learned**** GUYS PAY FUCKING ATTENTION


Friday, March 18, 2011

Ultra Traning Plan

Ultra Marathon Training Plan

Auburn 50k (31.2 miles)

June 4, 2011



Ab Chair: Upper hanging knee-ups (3 x 20), Lower hanging leg-ups (3 x 20), dips (3 x 15), weighted crunches (3 x 15) -> 15 – 25 lbs.

Standing side crunches (3 x 15) -> 45 lbs, Leaning Side Crunches with Kettle bell (3 x 15)

GHT Crunches arms up (3 x 10) -> 10 – 25 lbs., GHT “Free Crunches (3 x 10 – 20)

Hammer Crunch Machine (3 x 20) -> 40 – 60 lbs.

Legs: Row (2,000 + m) & Bike (20 – 30 mins.)

Push Ups: 100

Pull Ups: (3 x 10)

Run: Moderate (8 – 10)



Normal Planks (3 x 1:30) ->30 sec. rest, Side Planks (3 x 1:00) 30 sec. rest

Leg lifts (30 sec. x 6 inches & 30 sec. apart), Leg-ups (3 x 12)

Ab ball hands to feet (3 x 15), Bosu Ball Crunches (3 x 15), Side to side medicine ball (30 sec burnout)

Crunches (3-5 sets x 25)

Legs: Box Jumps (3 x 25) & Jump Rope 15 mins.

Push Ups: 100

Run: Moderate (8 – 10)


Run: Speed Work Out (Track) 5 – 10 800m sprint -> rest 400 m jog around track in between intervals

Pull Ups: (3 x 10)


300 Spartan Ups (3 sets) ->135 lbs

Legs: Squats (3 x 15) -> 135 lbs. & Kettle Bell Lunges (3 x 12) -> 26 kg., Straight Leg Dead Lifts (3 x 15) -> 135 lbs., Leg Press Machine (3 x 15) -> 225 lbs., Calves (3 x 20) -> any exercise(s)



(Sauna for stretching if needed/wanted)

Friday/Saturday: **All contingent on how the legs feel from the workout**

Run(s): 1 moderate run (5-12 miles) & 1 long run (13.1 + miles)



Row, Bike, Run, Swim, Speed Workout, Hill Runs, Pull ups, Push ups, Abs

Sunday, March 13, 2011

03/07/2011 - 03/13/2011 & Shamrockin' Half Marathon

03/07/2011 - 03/13/2011

Miles: 29.85
Time: 3:08
Elevation Gain: 1,824 ft.

Shamrockin' Half Marathon Results

Finished 137th out of 5,500 participants
5th overall out 58 in my age division (19 - 24)
Miles: 13.13
Time: 1:36.33.6
Pace: 7:22

This week was a fairly light run week. I didn't really want to exert unnecessary energy on my weekly runs due to my race. Although it was only a half marathon (my first race ever) I was in high anticipation. All week long it was the main thought on my mind. Overall, I was pleased with results other than the fact that a twelve year old beat my finishing time by 22 seconds and girls (plural) finished before me. I know I know, sexist, but it's only out of competitive spirit. I had a few personal goals that I did achieve which was to first finish the race and second do it under 1 hour and 40 minutes. Any time over that would have made me feel disgusting about myself and the training I did to prepare. On the other hand, I was upset that I didn't finish in the top 100 runners "at least" and or finish in the top three in my age group. That was and is still extremely frustrating to me. The way I look at it goes something like this: As for the entire field of participants 36 participants trained harder than I did to keep me away from one of my personal goals. Second, 2 participants, to say the least, trained harder than I did to put me in the top three of my age group. That's the way I look at it and that will be my motivation during my training for the next race. My competitive edge is coming back and I love it. Also, I love that the running I'm participating in is labeled as an "INDIVIDUAL" sport, therefore, there is nobody to blame but myself for not accomplishing the goals I wished to achieve. I guess all there's left to say is train harder, stay motivated, and stay focused.

Next Race:

June 18, 2011
Pacifica, CA.
50k (31.2 miles) "my first marathon/ultra"

It'll be here sooner than I know it... and the new training plan is already being created. I'll be posting it sometime in the middle of this week.

"Run Happy"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Present and The Future

I've often dabbled with the the thought of creating a blog to put some thoughts on paper, but I would not be telling the truth if I didn't say some other inspirations of creating a blog came from a few friends who blog thoughts of their own from time to time. Also, a few others who have inspired me to begin blogging are some of the runners I enjoy following : Anton, Dean, Goggins, etc... It's often nice to read their thoughts and feelings on how things are going on their lives (i.e running, school, family, etc..).


Recently I've been preparing the "Shamrockin' Half Marathon" in Sacramento that takes place Sunday March 13th. My inspiration to start training for this was my Dad, brother (who used to run), and a few books I decided to pick up during Winter break (Dean Karnazes: Ultra Marathon Man, Running Through the Wall). My first run to begin this training was actually last year on December 31st. When I started running it sucked. Not only was I out of shape, but during these past four years of college my mind for being physically active has truly deteriorated. My weight and shape has constantly fluxuated due to the lack of exercise, mass amounts of drinking, bad eating habits, and simply avoiding the gym. Although, I did try to get back into shape a few times by joining a boxing gym, doing cross fit, and an inconsistent visits to 24 Hour fitness, there always ended up being something that bored me with all of these activities. Well after reading a few books and and being inspired by some whom I consider closest to me in my life, I decided it was time to motivate myself. I started by mentally challenging myself to small goals such as how many times I would run a week, running distances, and then how many miles I could run in a week. With these goals I began to notice the competition with myself was growing to push harder, to run faster, and run a little farther every time I laced up my shoes. But something I would like to go back to is how "terrible" I felt when I started running. When I ran for the first two or three weeks I continuously experienced cramps, nauseousness, being extremely light headed, headaches, etc... Truly, it sucked, but I stuck with it. As my running continued my Dad and brother (who used to run) started talking about a bet on who could finish the "Shamrockin' Half Marathon" with the best time and also who would place highest within their age group. Once again, another goal and competition. My mindset dramatically changed once again, and ultimately the only thing I've been able to think about since is March 13th. While consistently training these past two months I have felt tremendous growth in my leg strength and my running itself (It feels great!) I often find myself talking about my runs with people who don't even care, but its nice to express positive feelings to others. Who knows, maybe I'll inspire someone else to start running. Although using running as a tool to challenge myself mentally and physically to get back into shape, something that running has also done is allowed me "think" and "free my mind". When I mention "thinking" I'm talking about stressful situations I have going on, school, future runs, family, etc.." When I mention "freeing my mind" I'm talking about running, being me, and not thinking about anything except for the enjoyment of what I'm doing at the moment. Running has also done things like slow down my drinking habits tremendously and allow me to reestablish my competitive self as an individual. Lastly, while running more recently I have been thinking a lot about my future (graduation, job/career, location(s), family, and my girlfriend). There are several thoughts, feelings, ideas, and interest that have been running through my head, but I can't quite figure out how to express them to people without being taken as a joke, irrational, or skeptical. So, I figured why not put it on paper and see how it looks after that?

The Future

Written while listening to Bon Iver, "For Emma, Forever Ago" Soundtrack

Graduation is rapidly approaching. In many instances I'm proud of what I achieved thus far, being that I've put myself through college, and especially being the first college graduate out of anyone in my family. But in actuality, I'm a bit frightened with the thought. I keep asking myself what am I going to do? What's my location going to be? Yes, I won't lie Grad school has been a thought, but who am I kidding, after 18 years of reading, taking tests, and going to class, it's time to distance myself from any lifestyle similar to that. I want nothing to do with the classroom. Nowadays I find myself in great debate whether to even go to lecture or just teach myself. I can say this is the first time in my life I've experienced a massive amount of what is known as "SENIORITIS". The reality of all of this is that it's time to grow up. Other questions I constantly am trying to figure out is what I want to do for a job/career? As much as I would like to be like the 90% of kids who grow up in Sacramento, I don't want to go back, live at home, and be complacent with the simplistic beauties Sacramento has to offer. On the other hand, I don't want to rush into anything stupid and set myself back in life. I refuse to live from pay check to pay check (I didn't get a degree for the hell of it) But being stubborn me, I also can not see myself sitting in someone's office in the capital or private business and being a paper pushing slave to the man. That's not me or my personality and that could potentially be worse than sitting in a Grad school class. So by now you're probably thinking like I often think to myself... what the fuck does this guy want? Well, let me tell you I wish I had the answer. Something recently that has been entertaining my mind more than anything is OCS. For those of you that don't know what OCS stands for its Officer Candidate School. The branch I would want to go to would be the United States Marine Corps for several reasons. I have a lot of family who have been Marine's so going to any other branch would be a slap in the face. The Marine's are known as the most trained, disciplined, courageous, crazy brave people to walk the face of the planet. Who wouldn't want to have that training or title? Learning some of the most skilled tactics and going back to learning how to survive and be a leader to all of society sounds good to me. Now I'm sure the reasons for me pondering this idea may not agree with some people, but ultimately as selfish as this sounds, this is the first time in my whole entire life I feel like this is something I need to do for myself, for the bettering of my future, for my family, future kids, and humanity. First off, going into the military would allow me to receive all benefits from A - Z not just for myself, but for family as well for as long as we exist. Second, I understand its not a job that brings in a ton of money especially at the beginning, but once again I'm not doing it for the paycheck, I would do it because I freely choose to. Third, by the time I'm done with my duty, I will feel like I will be ready to begin my life. My maturity level will be exactly where I want it to be, it makes the sounds of starting a family of my own a lot better, I will be financially stable, and hopefully by that point have my own vehicle and home. All of this sounds good to me and sounds like a self made man, something I admire my father and grandfather for teaching me how to be. Not all things in life are supposed to come easy and what's wrong with a little hard work to get the things you want? Lastly, the most idealistic future goal of a career that I would love to achieve would be working for either the FBI, CIA, Police Duty (More specific SWAT), something of this nature. I would have all of the qualifications and find no reasons as to why somewhere wouldn't offer me a job. A man who has a college degree and military background as an officer seems to fit this criteria. Now for the part some of you are waiting for is the CONS of this whole selfish decision. Well, number one would be the distance away from my family. Not being able to see my little brothers, parents, and grandparents especially since they're getting older scares me to death. I couldn't even imagine losing closeness with any of them or something health wise happening to one of my grandparents. My world would come crashing down like a ton of bricks. Second, my relationship(s). Right now I consider my girlfriend to not only be my girlfriend or my love, but my best friend in the whole world. Some small cliche words that I can think to describe her go something along the lines of "scary smart, crazy beautiful, electric, compassionate, and outright amazing". The thoughts of leaving her behind for some amount of time until we can make some type of living arrangements is scary. It's easy for people to fall "out of love" over a given period of space, time, and not being able to communicate on a daily basis. In actuality this scares me the most because she's precious and she's dearest to my heart. Ultimately, I would not ask her to do anything she doesn't want to do. With that strong-willed independent personality of hers, I would never want her to feel uncomfortable, forced to do something she doesn't want to do, or hold her back from any dreams she has. I've made that clear from day one when we met in Lake Tahoe. All I can really say about her is since we met in late July, she's given me advice and made a positive impact in my life that has changed me for the better. The girl has been the catch of a lifetime. I can who heartedly say if there was any girl in the world who I feel would stand by my side with loyalty and dignity throughout this process, she's the one. Now as for my friends, I know who will always be there for me regardless. That handful of you know who you are and I don't have to justify any decisions I make to you. I look forward to your support and plan to continue seeing or hearing about you guys at my house during the holidays regardless if I'm present or not. So if I haven't bored anyone yet and your still reading you know where I stand on this very day with my thoughts about my career, life, girlfriend, friends, running, etc... I guess the only question left to be answered is what will really happen after I graduate? Only time will tell and right now it's not of the essence. The clocks ticking this very second...

Happy Trails

Why run? Why Not? -"I understand it now"