Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend showed me this video and I thought it was great. If you have the time I recommend watching it. I can relate to this man's thoughts in several ways.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4/12/2011 - 4/25/2011 (Week 4 & 5)

4/12/2001 - 4/25/2011

Miles: 23.59
Time: 04 hours 10 minutes
Elevation: 3,570 ft.


It's been a terrible past two weeks due to feeling pain inside of my right ankle. The pains shot up into my inner shin which made me think it was shin splints at first, but after doing a few hours of research I figured out the technical term for this type of injury "Posterior Tibial Dysfunction". Basically this came from me transitioning into a little bit flatter shoes too quick and putting in a lot miles. Although the miles were feeling good and my legs felt strong, I noticed some small pains which eventually started to change my running form. I began running on the outside of my right foot in order to neutralize the pain. This was a stupid idea and eventually made it worse. Frustration set in along with various other emotions. I knew it was time to stop and take care of myself before the races I am going to participate in shortly. This injury really took a toll on my attitude along with some of the other things I was dealing with in my life (i.e. school & relationship). I was bummed, especially that I had previously signed up for the Silver State 50k two days prior and also the Auburn 50k. The rest off my feet was not what I wanted to do, but it was something that needed to be done. Around days 5 and 6, I was dying to put my shoes on an run, especially since I had some things I wanted to clear up in my head; it took of ton of desire to not go against my will. This was the most amount of time I took off since I started December 31, 2010. A few things I can say I'm learning is injuries and bad running experiences are going to occur. Tony's been M.I.A. for quite some time due to injuries, and I'm sure it kills him 100 times more than it kills me to not be out running. Therefore, I refuse to complain about my minor injuries. Also, after reading Dakota's and Geoff's blogs about Zane Grey, I'm learning that even the most elite athletes have bad running experiences. Just because these guys are a part of the most elite runners known to man, they are still human, and still face the same adversity every consistent runner will face. Lastly, one thing that has truly made me a happier individual is I'm almost at my first pre race goal. Before signing up for the Auburn 50k I committed to myself that I wanted to be at 155 lbs. before this race. I was at 170 lbs. the morning of my first half marathon (March 13, 2011) and I really wanted to be lighter. I knew this would take a lot of focus on watching what I eat and drink. Right now I'm currently at 159 lbs. I'm 4 lbs. off of the goal I want to reach. What makes me even happier is that I threw in a race before the Auburn 50k and I'm thinking I'm going to reach my goal 14 days early. There is no more time no for games from here on out. The Silver State 50k is 25 days away.

"Real athletes run. . . others play games"

Monday, April 11, 2011

04/04/2011 - 04/11/2011 (Week 3)

04/04/2011 - 04/11/2011


Miles: 72.78 miles
Time: 11 hours 20 minutes

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 7 miles (1 hour 15 mins.)
Wednesday: 18 miles (3 hours 20 mins.) +4,200 ft. - 4,200 ft. "Peavine"
Thursday: 5.5 miles (45.15 mins.)
Friday: 29 miles (3 hours 55 mins.)
Saturday: Off
Sunday: AM 8.67 miles (1 hour 17 mins.) PM 4.61 miles (38.28 mins.)

Solid running week. A few aches and pains due to some longer runs, but that's what I expected. I did a 29 mile run on Friday morning which is the farthest distance I have ever ran in my life along with the amount time it took. Also, this was the most miles I have ever covered in a week. This was a great running week! I'm looking forward to my "Minimus Roads" that should be here anytime (Thank You Stephanie Graham). Now I have four days to figure out whether or not I am going to run the Silver State Half Marathon or 50K on May 21st. I'm leaning towards the 50k because I plan on running my last long run in preparation for the Auburn 50k that follows two weeks later. Why not endure some pain through Silver State with some close friends of mine, test my mental and physical abilities, accomplish my first ultra marathon, and just simply enjoy the mountains on a Saturday in my backyard?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3/28/2011 - 4/3/2011 (Week 2)

3/28/2011 - 4/3/2011


Miles: 52
Time: 8:35
Elevation: GPS still not functioning properly

Speed Workout: 2:52, 2:58, 2:59, 3:07, 3:02

This past week of running was quite entertaining. I spent most of my time on the trails around campus in between my breaks exploring and looking for hills to run up. It's weird that my legs already feel stronger than they did last week. There's something about running up hills that literally takes the breath out of you that you can't get anywhere else. My speed workout was productive and really woke my legs up before hitting the gym. Overall, I'd give this week "two thumbs up". This week I plan on getting in runs with a lot of vertical. I figure if I'm going to be putting in the time running, why not go UP UP UP? I plan on fatiguing and breaking down my legs with climbing mountains this week.

****Some things I learned this past week when spending time with my good buddies this week.. aka the Curley Brothers****

1.) Cookie dough makes you faster
2.)Long hair makes you faster
3.)Rootbeer is the official drink that makes you a faster/better runner
4.)Peanut butter makes you tougher
5.)Grilled meat is the smell of a man (not cologne or deodorant)
6.)Wear sun screen on PEAVINE (I THINK NOT!!)
7.)No socks (Time to get some man feet) my feet are hurting from the blisters and cuts but who gives a f*ck? Nobody ever said running wouldn't bring some pain to your life.

I'm sick of school, I'm sick of shitty people, and I'm starting to NOT want a social life with people who don't share the same interests myself. Running, dieting, and getting in shape equals a minimal to no social life, and for some reason I'm completely fine with that.

"Young Money Running" -that D. Jones